Kinesis (2012)
(the activity of a cell in response to a stimulus)

Kinesis for trumpet, oboe and percussion (2012) is a set of short pieces - each about 1 minute in length - written for Dr. Robert Murray (Columbus State University in Columbus, Georgia) and Dr. Lauren Murray (Patel Conservatory in Tampa, Florida) of "Harmonie del Sur". Each of the brief pieces exploits the octatonic scale in various settings. The "cell" of inspiration for each is a rhythm or a texture or a sequence of pitches derived from the scale being used throughout. The percussion part alternates from the relatively noisy (but not necessarily loud) sounds of brake drums and tam-tams and the rhythmic/harmonic/melodic sounds of the marimba. Emotional descriptors for these pieces would appropriately be motoric and/or agitating. (Premiere: International Trumpet Guild Conference, Columbus State University, Columbus, Georgia, May 25, 2012)

Kinesis 1 Kinesis 2 Kinesis 3 Kinesis 4 Kinesis 5