Songs in Tribute (2002)

1. Children's Song

2. Festival

Electronic Only

3. Ritual

4. Dance

Songs in Tribute for horns and electronics (2002) brings together several dissimilar national traditions in music. Each of the four movements (1.Children’s Song, 2.Festival, 3.Ritual, 4.Dance) uses prerecorded music from disparate cultures from around the world. Some material used is from children’s songs sung by tribal women of Tanzania, a celebratory performance of festival music in Peru, sacred candomblé incantations from Brazil and Inuit drum music from Alaska. The instrumental motives and melodies are derived from the recorded music, and the electronic tracks contain sound bytes and manipulated audio sequences from those recordings. The first two movements utilize the flugel horn and English horn while the fourth movement employs a trumpet in C and an oboe. The third movement uses no live instruments. Written just after 9/11, a principal objective of this work and an overriding theme was that of bringing together differences.

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